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Chinese Ambassador to Cairo: Chinese-Egyptian relations are a living model of cooperation and mutual benefit

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Liao Liqiang, Chinese Ambassador to Cairo, confirmed that China and the League of Arab States will work together to establish the China-Arab Center for the Global Civilization Initiative.

In his speech during a cultural salon organized by the Chinese Embassy under the title “Tea for Harmony,” Liqiang said: “We will be ready to work with Egyptian friends hand in hand to implement the Global Civilization Initiative, and to revive and deepen the traditional friendship between our two countries, leading to mutual benefit between the two civilizations.”

Chinese and Egyptian countries achieve peaceful and harmonious coexistence between different civilizations, and greater contributions to peace and development in the world.”

He added: “The comprehensive strategic partnership relations between China and Egypt were established 10 years ago, but today, Chinese-Egyptian relations have become a living model of solidarity, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win between China and the Arab, African, Islamic and developing countries.”

He pointed out that on June 7, the United Nations General Assembly, at its 78th session, unanimously approved the draft resolution proposed by China regarding designating June 10 every year as the International Day for Dialogue among Civilizations.

He explained that in response to the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi recently visited China and attended the opening ceremony of the 10th ministerial meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, where the two presidents signed the joint statement on deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, and jointly announced the inauguration of the “Year of Partnership.”

Chinese-Egyptian relations, which outlined the broad outlines of the development of Chinese-Egyptian relations and determined the direction of their path in the next stage.

He continued, saying, “Today, in the first cultural event within the framework of the ‘Year of Chinese-Egyptian Partnership,’ we gather with Egyptian guests and friends from all walks of life to enjoy the flavor of tea and artistic performances, where we dialogue about the bright prospects of Chinese-Egyptian friendship and express our affection and good feelings through tea.”

The Chinese ambassador reviewed the history of tea cultivation, explaining that China is the homeland of tea.

The Chinese began growing tea, picking its leaves, preparing it, and drinking it since ancient times, making tea an unforgettable flavor, a deep-rooted tradition, and a spiritual symbol for the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

He said that it is elegant and nice to enjoy tea with those with a common vision, as it carries the spiritual connotation of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and embodies the Chinese philosophy of “seeking harmony despite differences.”

He stressed that tea is a bridge linking China to the world, as it has been one of the main goods in Chinese foreign trade for more than 2,000 years, and with the influx of caravans and vehicles, Chinese tea reached Egypt via the Silk Road and the ancient road of tea and the horse, and then took root on the bank of the Nile and integrated into daily life.Egyptian.

He explained that over thousands of years, Chinese tea leaves turned into the unique tea culture in Egypt, where red tea became an indispensable drink for the Egyptian people, whether in daily life or when honoring guests, stressing that these customs and traditions are close to those of the Chinese people. From serving tea to honoring guests and forming friendships, this is an embodiment of harmonious coexistence between different cultures.

The Chinese ambassador concluded his speech by saying, “Today we meet under one roof to touch the meeting between Chinese tea and the Nile River, and to witness a dialogue between the tea culture of both countries.”

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