“Suha El-gendy “: Every Egyptian voice abroad has a responsibility to use to contribute to the future of the State

Translated by Ayaa shabeb

The Minister of State for Migration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad Ambassador “Suha El-Gendy” received Ambassador “Nada Draz”Egypt’s new consul-general in the State of Chicago to discuss ways of cooperating and coordinating jointly to serve the Egyptian community in the United States of America, prepare for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, and motivate citizens to participate in them.

Ambassador “Suha Elgendy”stressed that Egyptian diplomacy is a distinguished school, praising Ambassador Nada Draz, who has a distinguished diplomatic journey, initiating the meeting by congratulating her on her choice of a consul for Egypt in Chicago, noting that there is close cooperation between the Ministry of Migration and Egyptian state institutions to serve Egyptians abroad, and offering various stimuli.

The Minister of Immigration added that the Egyptian community in the United States of America is a very important community and therefore emphasized the importance of cooperation in the coming period and coordination with regard to the organization of presidential elections abroad, Stressing the need to emphasize to all that the voice of every Egyptian abroad is a responsibility that he should use to contribute his role to Egypt’s future and choose its next leadership In this regard, noting the meetings held by its sovereignty with Egyptian communities abroad through the Video Conference as part of the “Share Your Voice” campaign to arrange for this important constitutional entitlement, He urged the community to participate and overcome any obstacles they might face during the voting. Stressing that an operating room will be formed during the next presidential elections to communicate with all Egyptian communities abroad. In coordination and cooperation with the National Electoral Commission, to overcome any obstacles they may face during the voting process.

During the meeting, Ambassador” Suha El-Gendy” was also keen to inform the new Egyptian consul to Chicago. on the efforts of the Ministry of Migration to benefit Egyptians abroad, and to provide a number of incentives and features specifically provided to them in cooperation with the relevant authorities First of all, the re-launch of the Egyptian Cars Abroad Initiative for the second time after Mr. President’s ratification, So that every Egyptian abroad can benefit from the law, in addition to the initiative to settle the recruitment position of Egyptians abroad which ended on 14 October last. Ambassador Suha Gendi reviewed the developments of the Egyptian investment company abroad, which was one of the Egyptians’ demands abroad and one of the recommendations of the third edition of the Conference of Egyptians Abroad, It was established in coordination between the Ministry and 10 stakeholders in the country. and elite investors from Egypt abroad who signed the initialling protocol, Also referring to the roadshow “Egyptian investors abroad answer: Why invest in Egypt?”, It includes short videos in which our Egyptian experts abroad offer a brief presentation and testimony on investing in Egypt and what they touched themselves during the investment trip in many projects, and it was launched as a message from Egyptians abroad to Egyptians abroad and inside also to explain why Egypt chooses more investment opportunities in many areas. She also drew the Minister of Immigration to cooperate with the Central Bank of Egypt to facilitate Egyptians abroad through various savings vessels through the issuance of investment dollar certificates with a high return that is the highest in the world, In addition, it cooperated with the Ministry of Housing and agreed to promote its projects during the foreign tours. In addition to cooperating with the Ministry of Aviation through a package of discounts for passengers on Egypt Air to and from Egypt, It also refers to the certificate “Reel pension in dollars”, which is an important requirement for many Egyptians Its sovereignty requested that everyone follow the Ministry’s pages to take advantage of all these features, Until the launch of a telephone app that provides all Egyptians abroad to communicate easily and benefit from these stimuli without effort.

The Minister added that there are many incentives that have been given to Egyptians abroad s children abroad, in response to their demands as well as allowing an exceptional year to reconcile the conditions of those whose vacation years have ended abroad, From university professors, as well as offering discounts to Egyptian travelers abroad on Egypt Air National Company tickets, Over the course of 216 days, as well as housing services provided to Egyptians abroad, From providing housing units and land to Egyptians abroad, in distinct areas, Also make available the industrial investment map to Egyptians abroad and familiarize them with the ways of investing in Egypt and available areas. Ambassador Suha Gendi emphasized that there is constant and ongoing coordination with various ministries and institutions of the State to meet the needs of Egyptians abroad and to listen to and discuss their ideas s visit to the United States last March and meeting with the Egyptian community in Los Angeles with the participation of 250 prominent Egyptian figures, as well as the Mayor of Irvine, Los Angeles, and a number of Egyptian entrepreneurs in the areas of financial services, investment, trade, real estate, tourism, university education, health care and energy, A number of members of the Armenian community, noting that the coming period will see further visits to meet Egyptian communities abroad, including East America, Especially because the Eastern Region resides in a large number of Egyptians and is characterized by their successes and excellence in all areas in which they work.

Ambassador “Suha El-Gendy”stressed her eagerness to meet with a number of Egyptian businessmen to discuss a number of important files in the field of investment and review promising investment opportunities in Egypt, to hear their proposals and views and encourage them to invest in their homeland, as well as to explore their ideas on the Egyptian investment company abroad, for which the Ministry of Migration announced the names of the founding investors. For her part, Ambassador Nada Draz, Consul General of Egypt in Chicago, praised Ambassador Suha Gendi’s efforts, the boom she provided to Egyptians abroad in various fields, and the outstanding stimuli she is keen to provide to Egyptians abroad, and to discuss their ideas and approaches patiently during Ambassador Suha Gendi’s talk with Egyptians abroad. Egypt’s consul general to Chicago stressed that Egyptians abroad are an inherent pillar in promoting the image of the Egyptian state abroad, noting the importance of popular diplomacy in conveying real developments in various fields in Egypt. Draz also stressed its readiness to liaise continuously with the Ministry of Migration and coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make the most of Egyptians abroad and link them to their motherland and looked forward to cooperating with the Ministry of Migration, Stating that she will arrive in Chicago one day before the elections, an experience that she is happy to begin her mission and that she will be keen to enhance Egyptians’ participation in the upcoming presidential elections.

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