Today On 15 November , 10, 11, 12, December the start presidential elections. who would you prefer to be a competitor to President Sisi?

Written by Ayaa shabeb

1-honestly the way I see it that the presidential election is over since president “Sis” announcement his candidates and when he announcement he is going to run, but off course since it’s constitution right and practice we have seen some candidates whom they declear they would run to complete, I know that changes almost nill but It’s there right to try have a chance, so to me the way I see it among those three “faried zahran” they president they of social democrat party would be one whom if I will go and vote for him, Since he is someone speak the same language as an a opposition and let’s say all history prove that he someone taking positions, speak to people

2- Egypt need democratic person or someone solve its economic problems?

You can not differ, the economic reforms between also political reforms actually we need both, but of course the economic reforms is very important because it reflect on people’s life and we have seen how they prices have gun up inflation rate and this is something making life very difficult for everyone rich or poor, So I think what we need to the economic reform some experts to deal with this file and they have full authority to do what has to be done, same as when we speak about the political reforms we all have been waiting
They national dialogue and they out come recommendation, so far we have not seen any serious implementation of what we have been recommended, I hope that when it comes to the political reforms that we can see real steps or move towards to free and fair democratic practice and people can enjoy there political and civil rights, this what I would like to see happening on the coming months.

3-You spoke in more than one press release about the Renaissance Dam.? Has Egypt lost its right to the River Nile ?

I think it’s very serious issue and so far we have not achieved anything, we have been trying in diplomatic way through Osociation
“Ethiopian” and nothing have happened, So I think time have come that we have to engaged
The international community to make pressure on “Ethiopia” that they re-consider there position and that they should site in the table and try to find way to reach an agreement, this security council the “ United Nations” has to some how make very clear decision because this the matter of life for this Egyptians , so this is very serious challenge , I hope that Egypt will try to find ways and means where by we can secure our water resources

4- what is the time we should to do anything?

It has to be yesterday not even today , it has to move because it’s be coming now very serious and Egypt can not afford all this what we have been trying to save water by making decenration unite by trying to look for water walls , and building canals,All this important it helps but the most important the flu water coming from “Ethiopia “ should not be stopped or controlled by “Ethiopians”, something has to be done, we have actually experts and high qualified experts what it comes to water they are the one whom should speak and say what is needed to be done, but we as politicians we believe that is serious and if people in the “delta” or in “ upper Egypt “ can not find water for aggression for their agriculture land or we can not find enough water to drink then it would be big problem for Egypt.

5- Do you expect some sort of crash in coming years as a result of political instability and high prices, and we can see blocking cadres policy ? Why?

This kind of question sometime some Frogness , they always ask as they are lil bit worried that because of this economic and financial pressure on Egyptians that they might see social revolution or social mass production , I don’t see it happening simply because Egyptians are tired and they need peace and stability, So they care more now about living standards so they don’t have this disability for demonstration or protesting but of course seeing this they are waiting to see some good news for the government

6- what the kind of positive news ?
Means that there is opportunities for employment, investment and prices can be controlled, they would like to see results out of all this economic reform and out of this agreements we have with “I M F “ , something which could enjoy and could feel the government care about all people .

In political they would like to see the political space is open , people can practice there right and see more active political parties , moreover free media with every one can express his views , they can see also some releases of those who are through ( prisons, young , old , youth and girls ) , they would like to see there’s some Tolerence from the government to help people to enjoy there life

7-what do you think about the media nowadays?

Most of the media nowadays it is not helping anyone because they do not really have different opinions, equal chances for oppositions , different views , they do not.
They only host speak to the government, I think the media has to be more open to different fictions on the society ,the way I see it is not happening.

8- what is your favorite TV presenter?

All the presenters and journalists are the same , for me I follow international media also I read newspapers like “ El-Sherouk , Ahram , Akhbar a youm” those are three favorites
Some times I watch “Ibrahim Essie , Lames el Hadedy and Amr Adeb “ , the best T.V presenter for me Ibrahim Essa.

9- what is your opinion of popular initiatives To cut off companies that support Israel?

It has been campaign for some who are been asking to make campaign against all national products which actually support isreal , I do not know if it really help after all most of all campaigns are Egyptians campaign ,so it’s Egyptians campaigns but they pay Franchise to the main company but most of the works or stuff it’s all here in Egypt, So I’m not against having this kind of by cutting if it helps but if it’s actually make impacts on Egyptians works than should be careful because after all those people very supportive to they Palestine people by sending some asistance , it’s all complicated situation but if it’s something would help and make a difference than I’m for I do not have any problem.
For me I don’t use much this product not only now but even all my time not very much dinking “7 up or Pepsi “ I don’t and now for years I have been using some Egyptian products be coming very good

10-where is the role of the international organizations for Palestine ?

There are all there and all trying , we have seen a lots of international organizations making very clear statements , saying what is happening in “Gaza” is not excepting and they have been sending message to isreal and international community that this is not go on like this and they are all for supporting Palestine trying to help them , but international organizations can not take any a action they only can help , support and supply but the actions has to come from governments means Arab or even Eroupean and Americans whom they are now can making pressure on Isreals and we have seen the big shift happened in the western media and also the people demonstrations happening supporting Palestine in “UK, France , German and Spain “
There is actually movement which is representing a big pressure on the Isreal that they should stop , of course from the Arab also we should be also sending very clear message to the Isreal that they will never ever have peace or stability as long as they behave the way we all see they should stop all this

11- in your opinion why Arab organizations not take any action right now ?

There is always changes views, communications trying to reach and understanding, I’m sure all Arab countries and governments in the Arab world no one is happy of what is happening in Palestine , So everyone if doing his best to his interests, so I’m sure they are all trying but it’s very complicated situation

12- what is the message you want to say to the world ?

What I would say is that the only way for peace and stability of the Reagin is that Palestine get up with the isreals and western world has to sit in the table to try to reach a Comphensive peace settlement to state solution one state solution whatever it agree about but time is come and what have happened in “ 7 October” proven that now there has to be away for final statement we not keep about this , in my opinion what happen starting in “7 October “ bring back again they Palestine issue on the table and now there is high attention to this problem and time have come that we have find solution for everyone.
For Egypt I think Egypt have taking very clear positions and speaking as a politician we are supporting president El-Sis in his position regarding what is happening, I mean he is clear that he respect all our peace agreements and also he committed that he is try his best to help they Palestine by giving them humanitarian h, helps , support, food ,water and medical support and that he not well except to have Palestine move to “Gaza” to “sinia” this position which is all respect and support

For U.S.A I believe they have to reconsider there position there blind support isreal is not helping and I think know following and watching what is happening in the streets of America in congress and media , there realize that should stop this blind support to Isreal and time have come , they have to speak for peace

13- what about “Farid zahran “ ?

I know that he have been making statements that he have suspended with “el – Adl party” that they have suspended there membership in civil democratic movement but this something they say temporarily that they well reconsider after they presidential election is over this what I know but otherwise I don’t know if he his campaign Is here or the I have no idea.

I would say “Farid zahran “ Who is my close friend and I know that you’re trying to open up political Spence and trying to have economic , social reforms happening in Egypt , it is a chance I know that your chances being a president is al most zero but at least to try to create debates and make sure that your messages are every where starting from the president or government and all other situations try to make it clears , the time have come we need to see change happening in the polices and in the way which government take decisions , we would like to see more activite parliament and more situations I think if he manage to do this than this is enough

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