Chinese Embassy in Cairo organizes a friendship ceremony with Chinese and Egyptian media and think tanks

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Chinese Embassy in Cairo today in the Egyptian capital organized a ceremony of friendship with Chinese and Egyptian media and think tanks.

A large number of Chinese and Egyptian political figures, experts, researchers and media professionals interested in common relations participated in the ceremony.

“China looks forward to working with Egypt to inject more elements of stability and positive energy into a world going through a new phase of turmoil and changes,” Chinese Ambassador Liao Li Qiang said in a speech during the ceremony.

“Although the elements of instability, uncertainty and insecurity increase in international situations, the subject of the times remains the same, peace and development,” he continued.

“China, Egypt and other emerging market countries and developing countries, as the important force to maintain peace and advance common development, are playing an increasingly important role on the international arena,” Ambassador Liao added.

He stressed that China adheres to the general trend and trend and always adheres to its foreign policy objectives of maintaining world peace, advancing common development and contributing to solving the issues facing all humanity.

The Chinese ambassador added that China is always committed to cooperation and development, reviewing the achievements of cooperation between China and Egypt within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, including the construction of Chinese companies, the tallest tower in Africa in Egypt and the first electrified railway in Africa, also referring to the mutual visits of dozens of senior officials in the two countries.

He stressed China’s keenness to work together with Egypt to implement the outputs of the Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation, enhance cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, agricultural technologies, renewable energy and others, and expand popular communication, which push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership relations between the two countries.

China’s ambassador to Cairo also reviewed the developments of the tense situation in Palestine and Israel, noting the Chinese position since the outbreak of this round of conflict, which boils down to three points, including the need to cease fire as soon as possible to prevent further escalation and even loss of control, calling for the protection of civilians and the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, supporting the two-state solution and resuming the peace process as soon as possible.

The ambassador touched on the importance of the visit of the joint delegation of foreign ministers of Arab and Islamic countries to Beijing, noting that the Chinese side will communicate and coordinate in depth with the delegation on calming the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, protecting civilians and finding a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

In his speech, Liao Liqiang also touched on the China-American summit held in the US city of San Francisco, reviewing the pillars of bilateral relations reached by Chinese Presidents Xi Jinping and American Joe Biden.

For his part, the head of the external media sector at the Egyptian General Information Service, Counselor Abdul Muti Abu Zeid, stressed in a speech the great development and sleep of Chinese-Egyptian relations in various fields, pointing to the importance of the role played by the Egyptian and Chinese media in strengthening and strengthening friendly relations between the two sides at the official and popular levels.

Abu Zeid stressed the importance of the role played by China in supporting Arab issues and positions in international forums, and China being a loyal friend to Egypt and Arab countries

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