For the fourth consecutive year, Samsung Electronics has been awarded a Top Five Global Brand.

Samsung has a brand worth of $91.4 billion and is well-known for establishing a consistent customer experience strategy and for pioneering future technologies such as 6G and AI.

Cairo – November 27, 2023
Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, awarded Samsung Electronics a “Global Top 5” brand for the fourth year in a row. Every year, Interbrand publishes its list of the Best Global Brands, and this year’s list indicated that Samsung’s brand value hit $91.4 billion, up 4% from the previous year. Despite the challenges affecting the entire global IT sector, there was an increase in all business elements in 2023.

Samsung Electronics’ exceptional brand performance stems from a multitude of factors, including: Unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experience through the “One Samsung” strategy. A diversified product selection and SmartThings allow unparalleled connectivity and immersive gaming experiences. With developments in 6G, AI, automotive, AR, and VR, we are playing a leading role in creating the future of technology. Continued commitment to sustainability and ESG leadership through environmentally responsible methods across all product lines.

“Thanks to the support of our customers around the world, Samsung Electronics’ brand value has continued to grow steadily, despite an overall challenging business environment,” said YH Lee, President of the Global Marketing Office at Samsung Electronics. “We will always strive to be a brand that is loved by our customers through leading in technology innovation, enabling meaningful experiences and continuing our sustainability efforts.”

By the end of 2022, Samsung Electronics established the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Center under the Global Marketing Office to provide an integrated online and offline experience. The Company also had the CX-MDE Centre which is responsible for strengthening the multi-device experience to increase synergy between products and improve the overall customer experience.

Partnerships played a crucial role in Samsung’s brand value growth over the past year. Leveraging SmartThings, which offers a unified connectivity experience, Samsung is expanding its open partnerships to connect not only its own products but also a wide range of third-party devices. Additionally, collaborations with various companies across mobile, tablet, TV, PC, and monitor products provide customers with an optimized gaming experience.

Samsung continues to invest in innovative future technologies such as 5G/6G, AI, and automotive in order to enable and empower consumers of the future. The Company was recognized in the semiconductor market for its industry-first advances such as 12nm-class DDR5 DRAM and for actively addressing potential industries such as AI, automotive, and expert mobile devices.

ESG has been a primary focus, since the Company’s environmentally conscious initiatives are having an impact. Samsung’s efforts include increasing the use of recycled materials in the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Z Flip5 Fold5 series, open licensing of solar cell remote technology used in TVs, collaboration with Patagonia on the Less Microfiber Filter for washing machines, and the introduction of AI energy mode in SmartThings Energy.

Samsung’s Recognized Efforts in Each Business Division
Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series is a cutting-edge smartphone designed to meet customer demands. To promote innovation and user engagement, Samsung launched the “Join the Flip Side” campaign, solidifying their dominance in the foldable phone market. Additionally, Samsung is collaborating with industry leaders to optimize gaming performance on Galaxy devices, enhancing their accessibility through features like “Ambient Sound” on the Galaxy Buds. Furthermore, the Samsung Global Goal app educates users about supporting the Global Goals, mobilizing the Galaxy community.

Samsung is at the forefront of 5G innovation, demonstrating its technical prowess through 5G vRAN and Open RAN solutions. They are solidifying their position in the 5G market by forming strategic partnerships with leading telecommunications providers worldwide. Additionally, Samsung is emphasizing the sustainable aspects of its 5G network technology.

Visual Display:
Samsung maintains its global market leadership by continual product innovation, such as the Neo QLED 8K and Micro LED. It also aims to strengthen its position in the gaming business with unique goods like the Odyssey Ark. In addition to strengthening Samsung Gaming Hub partnerships with premier game streaming services across the world. Through Relumino Mode and collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Samsung also aims to make the content presented on the screen more visible to the visually impaired.

Home Appliances:
Samsung is dedicated to providing the best possible user experience throughout the entire product life cycle, as evidenced by its unwavering commitment to maintaining global leadership in major home appliance categories such as refrigerators and washing machines. By gathering customer insights and incorporating them into its designs, Samsung is redefining the role and function of home appliances through its Bespoke line of products. These innovative products have garnered numerous accolades, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards and the iF Design Award (iF).

Samsung maintains its market leadership by introducing industry-first advancements such as 12nm DDR5 DRAM. It is also looking to deepen its collaborations in high-growth industries such as artificial intelligence and autos. Furthermore, it is striving to expand the use of Exynos apps into wearables and 5G, as well as to increase trust by incorporating ISOCELL sensors into flagship handsets from major manufacturers. Samsung is committed to boosting ESG communications as part of its communication initiatives.

About Interbrand Best Global Brands,
Interbrand’s Best Global Brands are listed based on an evaluation of each brand’s worth, which is the result of a thorough examination of the company’s financial success, the influence of the brand on customer purchases, and brand competition. It is a brand value appraisal with one of the world’s longest histories and is generally respected for its credibility.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
With disruptive ideas and technology, Samsung inspires the world and changes the future. TVs, smartphones, wearable gadgets, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, system LSI, foundry, and LED solutions are all being redefined by the company. Please visit the Samsung Newsroom for the most recent information.

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