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Sisi: Stability and security of the region are linked to recognizing a Palestinian state

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi underscored that regional stability and security are inherently tied to the global acknowledgment of the Palestinian state, delineated by its borders as of June 4, 1967, with its capital situated in East Jerusalem.

In Monday’s discussions with Hungary’s President, Katalin Novák, Sisi underscored the imperative of achieving a lasting ceasefire and maximizing the provision of humanitarian assistance to the inhabitants of Gaza.

The designated spokesperson for the Egyptian Presidency, Counselor Ahmed Hafez, affirmed that the meeting comprehensively addressed regional circumstances, with a specific focus on matters pertaining to Gaza and the West Bank.

The President examined Egypt’s initiatives from the onset of the crisis until the establishment of the humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, underscoring the significance of attaining a lasting ceasefire.

Additionally, he stressed the imperative of providing substantial humanitarian assistance to fulfill the essential needs of the populace in the region, thereby alleviating the considerable humanitarian distress they are currently enduring.

The Hungarian President commended Egypt’s significant contribution to upholding stability and peace in the Middle East.

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