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A second Turkish ship with aid to Gaza arrived in Egypt

By Manal Abdel Fattah

A second Turkish ship with humanitarian aid to Gaza has arrived in the Egyptian port of El Arish, Turkish media reports. The ship is carrying 1.500 tons of food, medical supplies and shelter supplies.

Turkey’s ambassador to Cairo, Salih Mutlu Sen, and representatives of the Red Crescent welcomed the ship, according to Turkish state broadcaster TRT Haber.

“There are 1.500 tons of humanitarian aid on board. The whole ship is full”, said the ambassador, specifying that the aid consists mainly of canned food, water, winter clothes, tents, generators, ambulances and medical supplies.

He pointed out that separately, 300 tons of materials were delivered by plane and added that the aid will be unloaded from the ship today or tomorrow at the latest.

“Aid will be delivered to the poor people of Gaza as soon as possible,” Shen said.

Earlier, a Turkish ship loaded with field hospital equipment, ambulances and generators to treat the injured from the Gaza Strip arrived in Egypt on November 13.

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