With the participation of Egypt…the launch of the regional program of the World Youth Festival in the Russian city of Sochi

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The activities of the second phase of the Sochi Festival kicked off yesterday, after the end of the first phase of the World Youth Festival, with the participation of 20,000 young people representing 187 countries.

The second phase was called the “Regional Program of the Festival” with the participation of 2,000 participants, to visit 30 Russian cities for a week to learn about Russian heritage, historical heritage, national diversity, and the unique nature of the Russian Federation, and to communicate with the youth of Russia who did not participate in the first phase, and at the forefront of these cities are: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad and Sevastopol.

According to the organizing committee’s statement, these cities have made official and popular preparations to receive the guests and implement the visit program, which aims to introduce Russia’s guests to cultural and national diversity and introduce the most important industrial and technological achievements available in these cities while providing the opportunity for communication among the world’s youth.

For his part, Sherif Gad, deputy head of the Egyptian delegation and Secretary General of the Egyptian-Russian Friendship Association, said that the regional program will allow those participating in the Egyptian delegation to increase knowledge about the Russian Federation by visiting more than one city, and there will be a good opportunity to build bridges of communication between Egyptian youth and young people. Russia.
Dr. Hassan Ghazali, a member of the delegation and founder of the Nasser International Youth Scholarship and Movement, also pointed out that he praised the idea and philosophy of the field visits organized by the festival committee for the participants, which provides the opportunity to communicate with indigenous people in several regions, and is evidence of the ability of the Russian leadership to achieve equality between the various groups of society.

The World Youth Festival is an important opportunity to achieve integration and cooperation, mobilize solidarity on regional and international peace issues, and enhance cooperation and understanding among peoples.

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