After WHO Warning… Parliamentary Question on Government Preparedness to Face Rabies Outbreak

Translate by Sama Marwan,

MP Hala Abu El Saad, Deputy Chair of the Projects Committee in the House of Representatives, submitted a parliamentary question to Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House of Representatives, directed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health and Population regarding the government’s preparations to face a rabies outbreak after the World Health Organization announced the spread of the disease in a Southeast Asian country.

In her question, MP Hala Abu El Saad stated that there is a state of panic among citizens caused by the recent statement from the World Health Organization announcing the outbreak of rabies in a Southeast Asian country, where several cases have been reported.

She explained that, according to the WHO, rabies is a viral disease prevalent in more than 150 countries, causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people, especially in Asia and Africa.

The Deputy Chair of the Projects Committee in the House of Representatives noted that, according to the WHO, dogs are the main source of rabies infection, with initial symptoms including fever and pain, which may progress to fatal inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, and that it is very rare to treat.

MP Hala Abu El Saad continued: Several questions arise about the possibility of a rabies outbreak in Egypt, especially since dogs are a key factor in spreading the disease; this necessitates the government having a plan for its preparedness to face and prevent a rabies outbreak.

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