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Palestinian Ambassador to Cairo: We will continue our efforts to obtain the rights of our people

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The French Cultural Center in Cairo launched the “Here is Palestine” activities, in support of Palestinian national culture in the face of the genocidal war committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

In his speech, Ambassador Al-Louh stressed that the State of Palestine will continue its efforts, in order to obtain the rights of its people, expressing his appreciation for the French role in supporting the Palestinian cause, and its endeavor to stop what the Palestinian people are exposed to, and work on the necessity of stopping the ongoing war for the 201st day in a row, and providing relief. Our people and the reconstruction of what the occupying state destroyed.

This came during a joint press conference by the French Ambassador to Egypt, Eric Chevalier, with the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Cairo, Diab Al-Louh, and the Cultural Advisor to the Embassy, ​​Naji Al-Naji, at the headquarters of the French Institute in Mounira.

The Palestinian Ambassador explained that since the start of the aggression on October 7, more than 45 artists and writers have been martyred due to the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza, which has affected cultural life in Palestine, adding that homes, cultural centers, mosques, and churches have also been destroyed , cultural treasures, 19 universities and colleges, and 88 thousand students who lost their university opportunities.

Ambassador Al-Louh stressed that the meeting with the French ambassador is consistent with the French role and its belief in the importance of culture and arts, for the advancement of countries and the role of freedom and human rights.

The Palestinian people are still continuing their struggle, relying on the weapons of science, culture and art because they are the lifeline for the world from the clutches of wars and the seizure and theft of rights in front of… The world, noting that the Palestinian Embassy is in the process of establishing a Palestinian cultural center in Cairo.

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