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Chairman of the Chinese International Media Group: Egyptian and Chinese youth bear the future of the nation

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Sheikh Du Zhanyuan, Chairman of the China International Media Group, said that the youth of China and Egypt bear the responsibility of the nation’s rejuvenation and actively explore paths of modernization with unique characteristics.

He added during the Dialogue of Civilizations Forum for Egyptian and Chinese youth that President Xi Jinping said: “No nation or state in the history of humanity has been able to achieve strength and advancement by relying on external forces, imitating foreign models, and following others, and the result of doing so is either failure.” Or it must inevitably belong to other countries.”

He continued: Both China and Egypt have witnessed glory and suffering.

How to extract wisdom from ancient civilizations to accelerate modernization is a common topic between the youth of the two countries.

The youth of China and Egypt must start from their national circumstances, learn from the outstanding civilizational achievements of all mankind, and gain wisdom.

The strength comes from their ancient civilizations, and they must actively explore the path of modern development that is compatible with their local conditions and for the benefit of both peoples.

He said that the youth of China and Egypt bear the responsibility of friendly exchanges and actively work to build a bond of common destiny between China and Egypt, as both China and Egypt have a long and brilliant history, and both are major developing countries with great influence power, and the two sides should learn from each other on the basis of… mutual respect.

He continued: In recent years, we have witnessed a continuous increase in the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Egypt.

Since 2023, Egypt has received between 4,000 to 5,000 Chinese tourists weekly, while Chinese literary works and television dramas are very popular in Egypt, and he is learning more and more. Of young Egyptians speaking Chinese.

He added: It is hoped that the youth of China and Egypt will actively implement the Global Civilization Initiative, enhance human and cultural exchanges, deepen people-to-people friendship, continue to consolidate public opinion as the basis for cooperation between the two countries, and promote common development and common prosperity for both parties.

He added that the youth in China and Egypt bear the responsibility of jointly creating the future and effectively building a better home for humanity, as youth have a broad vision and constitute a new force in responding to global challenges.

In the face of increasingly complex global challenges, youth in China and Egypt must be envoys of peace and They support the consensus and continued efforts made by the two countries to resolve regional disputes peacefully.

He added: We should be environmentally friendly messengers and play an active role in promoting sustainable development.

To be friendly messengers, widely disseminate the vivid stories of exchanges and cooperation between China and Egypt, and continuously inject positive energy to promote peace, stability, prosperity and development in the world.

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