Mohamed Adawiya Releases Latest Song “Yagda Ya Dal’a”

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Singer Mohamed Adawiya has released his latest song titled “Yagda Ya Dal’a” on his official YouTube channel. The song is written by poet Walid El-Raei and distributed by Mohamed Mersal.

Latest Works of Mohamed Adawiya

It is worth noting that Mohamed Adawiya’s last work was his latest song titled “Weshwash El-Nas Hekayat,” which features lyrics by Amr Essam, melody by Walid Sharaky, and distribution by Medo El-Leithy.

He also recently released the song “Rasala WhatsApp” on his official YouTube channel, achieving high viewership with a new style and new posters for the work in which Mohamed Adawiya appeared in Upper Egyptian attire.

He posted video clips of the song on his personal TikTok account wearing traditional Upper Egyptian clothes.

The song “Rasala WhatsApp” features lyrics by Mohamed Abdel Gaber, melody by Mohamed Adawiya, distribution by Bishoy Safwat, and production by Kelma Company, with producer Yasser Hasanein and PR manager Yara Ahmed.

Another recent song is “Captain of My Ship” on YouTube, which achieved significant success upon its release. The song “Captain of My Ship” features lyrics by Mehhab Al-Jazairi and is distributed and composed by Monty.”

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