The United States Embassy in Cairo announces an Egyptian-American concert tour

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo announced that award-winning American acoustic band Beatbox House will visit Egypt as part of their 2024 world tour.

The Beatbox House Band’s visit to Egypt – the only Middle East stop during the 2024 tour – will bring this uniquely American musical genre to three Egyptian cities: Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria.

Beatbox House’s hip-hop style will combine with legendary Egyptian band Downtown to perform in Cairo and powerhouse Sharmoofers to perform in Alexandria, bringing together the best of both American and Egyptian cultures.

In announcing this international musical experience, the Minister Plenipotentiary for Public Diplomatic Affairs at the US Embassy in Cairo, Robin Haroutunian, said that the theme of the Beat Box House tour for 2024 in Egypt is “Music Brings Us Together” or “Music Brings Us Together,” as music provides a language that unites people from all over the world. All wallpapers.

He added: The musical collaboration created during this program will help celebrate and highlight the strong partnership between the United States and Egypt, as the Beat Box House Egypt Tour for 2024 will begin on April 30 with a concert at the Egyptian Public Library in Luxor.

On May 1, the Beat Box House Band will showcase the raw energy of their beatbox music in Cairo on the campus of the American University of Tahrir in Cairo, joined by Egyptian music legends Downtown in a once-in-a-lifetime Egyptian-American musical experience, and there will be Free prizes for the first 1,000 registered ticket holders in Cairo, where tickets will be free and open to the public.
On May 3, Beatbox House will join the talented Sharmoofers band at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria. This show will fuse American beatbox music with the unparalleled Egyptian pop tradition embodied in the rich and melodic voice of Sharmoofers.
In addition to their main public performances, during their time in Egypt, Beatbox House will engage with diverse Egyptian audiences in the spirit of uniting communities and building bridges through music.

Beat Box House will perform for the visually impaired community during a show on May 2 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for a shared experience on accessible sound and music, and the group will lead a music workshop for children in Cairo’s City of the Dead.

Beatbox House will also provide their skills and experience through professional exchanges and masterclasses open to more than 500 up-and-coming Egyptian artists, musicians, singers and songwriters who are graduates of US government-funded music programs.
The US Embassy announced that it is honored to sponsor this collaborative music event through the American Music Abroad (AMA) program of the US Department of State, which returns to Egypt after a five-year absence, and is an initiative that showcases American musical talent around the world to promote cultural exchange and diplomacy. Through music.

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