Distinguished Egyptian participation in the Arab World Festival for International Cultural Creativity in Salalah

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The activities of the “Arab World Festival for International Cultural Creativity” in Salalah in its second edition, which carried the slogan “Culture of Countries in the Land of Frankincense,” were concluded at the theater of the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Salalah, organized by the Mirbat Sports Club in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

The closing ceremony included many segments, starting with the festival’s speech delivered by Jaafar Najm, the festival’s president.

A poetry reading section was held, where the Egyptian poet Essam Battah, advisor to the International Union of Writers and Poets, presented the poem “Egypt and Oman,” which expresses the feelings of brotherhood and interconnectedness between the two countries.

The poet Ammar Ali participated from Iraq, who presented the poem “I Called,” and the poet Yasser Al-Kubaisi, who recited several poems. Including “The Name of Iraq, We Belong, and My Mother’s Towel,” and the Omani poet Amer Ahmed Al-Mahri “Abu Al-Tayeb” presented my poem “Oh Laila and the Light of the Sun.”

Then, as the Iraqi Al-Sayyab Folklore Band presented several artistic paintings from Iraqi folklore, including the painting “O Our Basra” and the painting “Al Munkar”, and the Al Shihr Heritage Band from the Republic of Yemen presented the painting “Al Ghaili”, while the Mirbat Popular Heritage Band presented several paintings from the artistic heritage of the Wilayat of Mirbat, including the art of Sawt Al Kulin (the Groom), the art of Jiboh, and the art of Al Lanzeh.

The festival lasted for three days and included many cultural and artistic events.

The Ubar Theater witnessed the activities of the second day of the festival, which included poetry sessions in which poets from various Arab countries participated and dialogue sessions on traditional art and Arab folklore, and concluded with the theatrical performance entitled “The Saber Family” by the Dhofar Band. Civil play.

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