UK company explores strategic partnership with Suez Canal Economic Zone

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Thames Freeport, a leading UK company in economic free trade zones, visited Egypt for the first time to identify potential areas of collaboration and partnership with Suez Canal Economic Zone and the Government of Egypt. The free trade economic zone Thames Freeport is positioned along the river Thames in London. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating global trade and is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity to markets.

During their inaugural visit, they met with key Egyptian stakeholder to discuss ways of enhancing trade connectivity between the UK and Egypt.

In their meeting with Mr. Ahmed El-Wakil, Minister of Trade and Industry, discussions focused on infrastructure improvements, economic diversification, and foreign direct investment, aiming to establish a powerful trade and logistics corridor between Europe and Africa/Middle East, driving economic growth, attracting foreign investment, and creating employment opportunities.

The delegation also met Mr. Ahmed Darwish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone Authority to explore integrating logistics and supply chain operations to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

They also exchanged ways of facilitating innovation and technology transfer in areas such as smart city technologies and renewable energy.

The visit concluded with a sense of optimism and determination to translate discussions into concrete actions that will benefit both regions.

The British Embassy in Cairo celebrated the success of this visit by hosting a networking event for Thames Freeport delegation, with the support of Gorilla Technology, and with government and SCZ officials in attendance.

Following the visit, British Ambassador to Egypt, Gareth Bayley, expressed enthusiasm about the potential collaboration, stating, “The visit of Thames Freeport to Egypt signifies a transformative moment in our bilateral trade relations.

By integrating both countries’ expertise on economic free trade zones, a priority for both the UK and Government of Egypt, we can unlock unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and prosperity, benefiting both our nations and the global economy.”

CEO of Thames Freeport, Martin Whiteley, commented, “Our visit to Egypt has reaffirmed our commitment to fostering sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

By leveraging our world-class infrastructure and the rich potential of Egypt’s strategic location, we are poised to revolutionize trade dynamics, driving innovation and prosperity across borders.”

The British Embassy looks forward to continued collaboration and partnership between Thames Freeport and Egypt to establish economic free trade zones that are highly attractive locations for companies engaged in global commerce.

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