Lithuanian Minister of Transport: Trade exchange between Egypt and Lithuania amounted to 144 million euros

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Lithuanian Minister of Transport Marius Skudis said that Egypt is the gateway to the Middle East and Africa region, stressing the need to benefit from the great potential in the two countries and provide information about the Egyptian and Lithuanian markets.

In a press conference held at the headquarters of the Lithuanian Embassy in Cairo, the Lithuanian Minister of Transport stressed the importance of opening channels of communication between his country and Egypt, in light of Egypt’s strategic geographical location in the Middle East and Africa, noting that trade exchange between Egypt and Lithuania amounted to 144 million euros last year.

While the number of Lithuanian tourists who visited Egypt reached 154 thousand tourists.

He noted that during his first visit to Cairo, he will hold discussions with the Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir, the Minister of Civil Aviation, Mohamed Abbas Helmy, and the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Amr Talaat.

To enhance ways of cooperation in the fields of maritime and air transport and information and communications technology, and to discuss the final details of the two memorandums of understanding in the fields of maritime transport and the operation of a direct airline between the two countries, which will be signed at a later stage.

He continued: During my current three-day visit, I will visit the port of Alexandria.

To discuss ways of cooperation between the Lithuanian port of Qalaipeda and the port of Alexandria, pointing out that the movement of transport, logistics and services to the port of Qalaipeda represents 1% of the country’s gross domestic product.

He added that there are great possibilities for exchanging goods between the two countries, especially vegetables, fruits, and fertilizers from Egypt, while Lithuania can export grains, fertilizers, information and communications technology, and services to Egypt, noting that his country is opening new paths to transport grains from Ukraine to other countries.

He pointed out that Lithuanian information and communications technology companies need skilled workers, as there is great potential to open branches in Egypt, stressing the necessity of establishing a communications network between business organizations in both countries, with the aim of supporting joint cooperation.

He added: We have developed a strategy towards green transformation, which includes expanding new and renewable energy, hydrogen production, and exporting green energy by 2030, stressing that there are great possibilities for cooperation in the field of hydrogen with Egypt.

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