The Ministry of Youth and Sports continues to hold Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Awareness

The Ministry of Youth and Sports – Central Administration for Youth Development – General Administration for University Programs and Activities, are still managing their awareness meetings about mental health and addiction treatment at Minya University. It is supervised by the General Administration for Student Care at the university, and in collaboration with the Addiction Treatment Department at the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.

Besides these campaigns, there is another part of the awareness campaign devised for the youth and college students from 24 to 7 of March at all universities and institutes.

The conference of the awareness was organized for the students in cooperation with the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Disorders made by the Ministry of Health. This session was facilitated by Dr. Mahmoud Ali Abdel Badie, psychologist at Minya Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment, and Dr. Wael Hanna a consultant psychiatrist and neurologist.

It was in this meeting that we analyzed the differences between two types of addiction as they spoke about addiction to hard work and studying, and how youth are left in the loop of addiction as a result of some psychological problems to identify the addict. The meeting further described the ways of treatment, psychotherapy, and the range of services provided by psychological counseling units.

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