George Anis writes for “The Website”: Journalism is not a “pickpocketing”!

Translated by Sama Marwan,

I’m still not sure if Dr. Ashraf Dikke, the head of the acting professions syndicate, realizes the difference between journalists who are members of the “Journalists Syndicate” working in print and electronic journalism, and between social media representatives and owners of “yellow” channels on YouTube and others who seek more views by broadcasting everything sensational and far from professional, ethical, and humane practices, and they are many now!

The recent statement issued by the Actors Syndicate regarding journalists’ demand not to attend the funeral of the late artist Salah El-Saadani and to limit it to family, relatives, and colleagues of the late artist due to the altercation that occurred at the funeral between Ahmed El-Saadani – the artist’s son – and one of the photographers, represents a confusing generalization and a narrow view that should not come from a figure of Ashraf Dikke’s stature, who has the experience and interaction with hundreds of journalists to distinguish well between those entering the profession and the professional journalists who are members of our prestigious syndicate, and from my point of view, it represents a severe confusion and a blatant encroachment on colleagues and preventing them from performing their journalistic duty stipulated by the membership cards they hold!.

However, this does not prevent the fact that there are mistakes and sins committed by members of our syndicate, like any other profession with its good and bad, they are not angels and there are many among them who do not adhere to the journalistic code of ethics, therefore, it is the responsibility of the Journalists Syndicate Council to put things in order and punish the wrongdoers among its members, and hold the journalistic leadership accountable from the members of the General Assembly of Journalists if they force non-members of the syndicate working in accredited electronic sites to commit offensive acts, especially on sad occasions that cannot tolerate such behavior.

Attempts to “pickpocket” in the journalism profession and journalists – every period – by individuals, institutions, and entities, will not be in the interest of society as a whole, and perhaps the real beginning is the sharp distinction between those entering the profession and the real professionals. Here, I would like to whisper in the ears of colleagues who have not yet officially joined the Journalists Syndicate the necessity of embodying politeness and manners in dealing with sources and respecting the human circumstances they cover, as they are still “strangers” to the profession, and as the old sayings go “O stranger, be cultured”, and surely you will achieve your dream of officially joining the ranks of those who practice journalism and not “nonsense”.

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