Nizar Al-Sisi writes for “Al-Mawq3”: What’s next after Gaza?

Translated by Sama Marwan,

In 2021, when a container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, global trade came to a halt because the alternative route via the Cape of Good Hope adds about 9 days and 7,000 kilometers to the journey. There is no alternative to the Suez Canal except for the Ben-Gurion Canal.

What the United States was considering in the 1960s was dropping 520 nuclear bombs on parts of Palestinian territories to build a 260-kilometer canal starting from the Red Sea there in the city of Eilat, passing through the Negev Desert, and flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Where exactly? Right next to northern Gaza, which is currently being bombed and evacuated, because the winning companies in an unprecedented investment in gas exploration over the next three years are expected to discover new gas wells in Palestinian territories, specifically in northern Gaza, the area currently being evacuated. In recent weeks, Israel has granted 12 new licenses to six companies as part of its plan to exploit more of Gaza’s maritime resources.

This area is a strategic gold mine that Israelis have the largest foreign base in the Red Sea in front of Eritrea, as part of its massive global Belt and Road infrastructure project, which is hated by London, Brussels, and Washington alike. What is happening in Gaza now is not for revenge for Operation Flood of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but rather a plan to steal gas and oil in northern Gaza.

Here we stand, and if what Hamas did against Israel on October 7th is nothing but an American-sponsored Israeli deal aimed at – first, displacing Palestinians to Sinai and completely evacuating Gaza of its population to steal the gas and oil underground, second, getting rid of Gaza’s problems, and third, Israel sets its sights on Sinai and controlling the Suez Canal.

The displacement plan to Sinai is nothing but a scenario for a war by Hamas on Egyptian territory and then seizing Sinai with the help of America and the West.

Israel has ambitions for the Levant, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, because they believe that our master Jacob – peace be upon him – was born in the Levant, and they consider it their country, and when our master Joseph came to Egypt, and brought his brothers to Egypt, they consider Egypt their country as well, in addition to Medina, which they consider their country and they are the first ones to it.

This is why Israel is doing the impossible to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia. But Egypt and its army are vigilant, and the President of Egypt knows everything the entity is thinking. This is why his idea, since he took power in Egypt, has been to arm the Egyptian army with the latest and most diverse weapons from all the major powers, because President Sisi had a futuristic view of events, and the strength of the Egyptian army now is the impregnable barrier against the forces of evil, which makes them rethink their thinking carefully before taking any action that may not be in favor of foreign military force.

This is where our repeated calls to the Egyptian people to stand united behind their leader and behind the Egyptian army come from… And God willing, victory will be for Egypt.

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