Nour Yang writes for “Al Mawq3”: China shares new opportunities with the world in the process of balanced progress

With the holding of the two annual Chinese sessions in 2024, global eyes have once again focused on the largest developing countries and the second largest economy in the world, because they are an important event in Chinese political life every year, and they are also considered a window for the world to follow China, so the world looks forward to the economic and political information it issues. The two Chinese annual sessions, wanting to know China’s development trend and find new opportunities for cooperation.

Over the past year, in the face of the complex international environment and the difficult tasks of reform and development, the Party Central Committee, with President Xi Jinping as its core, has united with people of various nationalities in the country, implemented new development concepts, comprehensively deepened the reform and opening-up policy, accelerated the establishment of a new development pattern, and promoted high-quality development with efforts. Large, prompting China’s economic momentum to continue to improve and the size of the overall economy to rise steadily, with the GDP exceeding 17.5 trillion US dollars, and the economic growth rate reaching 5.2%, achieving the expected goal that the economic growth of the United States, the Eurozone and Japan clearly exceeded, China has once again become a powerful engine of global economic growth.

The policy of opening to the outside is considered the key to the rapid development of the Chinese economy, and it is also one of the focus of attention from the world in the two Chinese annual sessions this year.

In recent years, China has actively strengthened economic and trade cooperation with countries around the world, advancing the process of regional economic integration. China’s expansion of opening-up provides huge trade opportunities for other countries, especially the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative, which has made more than 150 countries embark on The road to accelerating development, has made China an important leader in global economic cooperation.

At the two annual sessions this year, China stressed that it will continue to deepen high-level opening-up to abroad, promote the development of free trade and improve the international cooperation environment, and work with countries to maintain economic globalization and multilateral trading systems, injecting new impetus into the development of global economic development.

During the two annual sessions, Chinese-style modernization has become one of the core topics of discussion. How to further develop new quality and accelerate the upgrade of industrial design to provide strong support for Chinese-style modernization has become the most important function in the work of the Chinese government this year.

In recent years, China has discovered its own potential and accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation.

China has been at the forefront of the world in the areas of artificial intelligence development and application, 5G, high-speed railway and other projects.

China’s scientific and technological achievements not only promote its own modernization, but also contribute to global scientific and technological progress and social development.

Especially in the areas of new energy and information industries, China has adhered to the path of international development and carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with partner countries to share the development opportunities of the times.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a key year for it to achieve the goals of the 14th Five-Year Plan. For the world, this year is also a year of challenge.

In the context of recurring geopolitical crises and weak economic growth, the world looks forward to China making more than contributions to the stability of the global political structure and promoting the recovery of the economy and trade. China, as a responsible country, will share the opportunities of the new era with the world, and inject Chinese power into the peace and development of mankind, thus contributing to Chinese wisdom in reforming the global governance system.

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