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Moroccan Embassy in Cairo: Algeria’s claims about the confiscation of the headquarters of its diplomatic representations are baseless.

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Moroccan Embassy in Cairo issued a statement in response to the statement issued by the Algerian authorities regarding “the confiscation of the headquarters of its diplomatic representations in Morocco.”

The statement issued by the Moroccan Embassy in Cairo said: The baseless allegations contained in the Algerian authorities’ statement will require the following clarifications: The embassy buildings and the residence of the former Algerian Embassy in Rabat are not concerned with any action.

He added that, contrary to what the Algerian authorities claim, the embassy and the residence of the former Algerian embassy in Rabat, which the Moroccan authorities granted the land for their residence free of charge, were not the subject of any “confiscation,” and these buildings continue to be respected and protected by the Moroccan state, even in the absence of Privileges and immunities following the unilateral severing of diplomatic relations by Algeria.

The statement said that only one building was the subject of talks with the Algerian authorities.

It is an unused building, which is directly adjacent to the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Moreover, this expansion process in recent years has included many diplomatic buildings, especially those of Côte d’Ivoire and Switzerland.

He added: For more than two years, the Algerian authorities have been closely involved and duly informed in advance and at all stages, with complete transparency, and since January 2022, the Ministry has officially and on several occasions informed the Algerian authorities of the Moroccan state’s desire to acquire the aforementioned headquarters in a friendly manner. The Consul General of Algeria in Casablanca was received by the Ministry on this subject no less than 4 times. In addition, 8 official correspondences were sent to the Algerian authorities, who responded with no less than 5 official correspondences.

He added: On the other hand, the Algerian authorities responded, in two correspondences, to the Moroccan offer by indicating that an “evaluation” of the property is in the process of being completed, and that it will reveal its conclusions once it is completed,” before adding that “the evacuation of the buildings and the transfer of their contents will be done with respect.” diplomatic norms once the sale process has been duly implemented.”

He said that in another correspondence, the Algerian authorities also informed in writing that they “decided to engage in the procedure of expropriation for the public benefit of some property in the area located near the People’s Palace, for the public benefit, and thus restore ownership of the residence of the ambassador of the Moroccan mission.”

He continued: Contrary to the allegations contained in the communication of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco fully bears its responsibilities and obligations arising from the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The Moroccan statement said that despite the severing of diplomatic relations by a unilateral decision of Algeria on August 24, 2021, Morocco bears its responsibilities and complies with its duties emanating from diplomatic rules, traditions and customs. Thus, the Algerian state’s property, which no longer includes diplomatic or consular headquarters and does not enjoy any Privileges and immunities granted by international law remain respected and protected under Moroccan law, in light of the general conditions applied within the framework of property law in Morocco.

He added: Morocco has never been in the logic of escalation or provocation. The Kingdom has always worked to maintain the good-neighborly relationship between the two countries and the brotherhood between the two peoples, and in this context, the procedure related to the building in question is in a suspended position.

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