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The Indian Ambassador launches the “India of Wonders” campaign in Cairo to promote its tourist attractions

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Indian Embassy in Cairo launched a campaign entitled “India of Wonders in Egypt”, with the aim of promoting and highlighting India’s tourist attractions as an attractive tourist destination for Egyptians.

Today, the Indian Ambassador to Cairo, Ajit Gupte, witnessed the launch of a bus for this promotion, in the Fifth Settlement, in front of the American University headquarters, on which appeared from the outside a variety of pictures of scenes from all over India. The Ambassador said, in a press statement, that the bus will travel in a number of… Famous tracks in Cairo.

The Embassy of India continues its intensive activity to promote tourism. Earlier in 2023, it organized a tourism promotion campaign in a hotel in Tahrir Square, in which more than 40 tour guides from Cairo participated. After the success achieved by this event, the launch of this bus represents the next event. To promote India as one of the favorite tourist destinations for Egyptians.

India includes many tourist attractions, such as the snow-capped Himalayas, the evergreen forests on the west coast, the dazzling Indian monuments and castles in northern India, many ancient temples and tombs, and others.

India is also known for its Bollywood films, spicy food, many varieties of silks and textiles, and more than 40 World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.

With the operation of direct flights between Cairo and New Delhi, and between Cairo and Mumbai, the travel time between India and Egypt has decreased to only six hours, in addition to the Indian Consulate in Cairo’s keenness to facilitate the procedures for issuing tourist visas for Egyptians, and the embassy also intends to organize more events in the future. Nearby to promote Indian tourism.

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