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The Indonesian Embassy launches a scout camp for students of the Indonesian School in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo launched a special cultural activity over two days, in which the Indonesian School Scouts Camp in Cairo 2024 participated, aiming to strengthen students’ skills and refine the noble values ​​of Scouting.

The cultural activity, entitled “Achievement in the Face of Challenges and Preparing Oneself to Face the Future,” was attended by 36 participants from the Boy Scouts and Boy Scouts, with the support of 27 teachers and the medical team of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, as it served as a forum for building noble attitudes and behaviors.

During the opening ceremony, the Educational and Cultural Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, Dr. Abdel-Muatali, emphasized in his message the importance of Scouting activities as a means of promoting independence and teamwork, in line with the noble values ​​contained in the Five Principles, Three Sections, and Ten Scouting Ethics.

He added: When a sandstorm suddenly came and tested the team’s perseverance and preparedness, the scouts tried with determination and attention to protect the participants and equipment, and faced the challenges with an unwavering spirit.

He continued: Although they were forced to leave the camp for security reasons, the spirit of enthusiasm was not defeated and still burned in the hearts of all participants, and on the bus heading to Cairo, they were still full of joy, which strengthened the bonds of brotherhood between them.

He added: The next day, under the bright sunshine, activities continued with the same enthusiasm, from exercise to basic life support training, where every moment was filled with learning and unforgettable teamwork, even in games and training activities, where the spirit of competition was accompanied by In the spirit of teamwork.

The Deputy Ambassador of Indonesia in Cairo expressed his appreciation to all participants for successfully completing this event brilliantly, continuing: With hearts full of memories, the students not only gained valuable experience, but also gained eternal bonds of brotherhood.

He added: I hope that all their steps in the future will be full of wonderful achievements and success, as evidence of their enthusiasm and dedication to the Indonesian School Scout Camp in Cairo 2024.

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