Russian Volgograd delegation meets Egyptian “Pharaohs Youth” delegation during the World Youth Festival 2024.

By Ingy Ashraf,

The Russian Volgograd team met with the Egyptian youth delegation “The Pharaohs” as part of the World Festival of Youth Russia Sochi 2024 programs.
Ms. Dasha, head of the Volgograd delegation, greeted the Egyptian youth delegation and expressed their delight at meeting and getting to know them better.

The Volgograd delegation showcased their culture through a variety of creative and musical acts that expressed their customs and traditions. In exchange, the Egyptian delegation showcased old Egyptian civilization, culture, and the new republic.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Batash, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports and Head of the Egyptian delegation, welcomed the President and delegation of Volgograd, expressing the Egyptian delegation’s great appreciation for the Volgograd delegation, as well as the great similarity in the stories of struggle and struggle for Volgograd and Port Said, and the great convergence between the two cities in selecting one of Port Said’s streets. Named “Volgograd Street” and chosen as the largest street in Volgograd, “Port Said Street.”

The Egyptian and Volgograd delegations proposed sponsoring exchange programs and twinning between Port Said and Volgograd, Russia, to improve communication and cultural exchange between the two cities.
Volgograd, one of Russia’s cities, is located in the southeast of the European part of the Russian Federation.

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