George Onsi writes for “Al Mawqa”: “Invest in national motivations to benefit of Egyptian products!”

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

Is the government taking advantage on the public’s strong desire to buy Egyptian products in order to compete with the international products that dominate Egyptian markets?
This is the question we are now asking to government officials in order for the recent Gaza crisis and its humanitarian and Economic ramifications to serve as a call to action to Egyptians to switch to local products, particularly in goods that can be replaced with locally produced goods of high and superior quality.

I am often baffled by the lack of government support for local products, especially when I see basic goods imported from abroad for thousands of dollars that could easily be produced domestically, However, some junior officials have put administrative and financial obstacles in front of the small Egyptian investor, which hinders them from expanding their production and flooding the market with 100% Egyptian goods that contribute to reducing the prices and load on citizens while providing hard currency for the government to import various products!

The boycott calls may have had a positive side effect, benefiting from locally produced goods, and it is a great opportunity for the Egyptian government to invest in ambitious Egyptian producers with extensive experience who can supply competitive products at reasonable prices to the vast majority of residents while also defying economic constraints.

In fact, under these challenging conditions, the government has an irreplaceable opportunity to show itself differently as a sponsor of everything that is a local product, all the way up to the manufacture of the most vital products, and in any case, it will be the most significant gain of this action, which will represent a new start in terms of limiting imports to complex products and preparing for the next step of exporting our products to international markets.


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