Islam Abu-Khatwa writes for “Al-Mawq3.” I found myself here.

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

For several years, I’ve been seeking an apparently impossible dream. I was keen to develop myself based on the motto, ‘Be up to the opportunity that comes to you.’

I was looking for a unique “style book.” I read more books and novels to gain expertise and add multilingual wealth to my mind, allowing me to keep up with specific types of writing.

“What are you doing?” I was constantly criticized for my unorthodox articles and headlines on journalistic topics. Regardless, I didn’t give up. I believed that one day an opportunity would come up to assist me in achieving my idea and style of writing headlines.

It was challenging for me, as it was for other young journalists starting out. So, How? I didn’t have any connections or relatives in the field.

The only way was to focus on reading and research and to develop a unique style of writing headlines that would help me stand out without any “patronage.”

In the midst of the road’s darkness, some words were like whispers of hope, pushing me forward. And advices from people who were respecting their jobs and who were willing to share their knowledge with a young man trying to find his forward path.

After conducting hundreds of various investigations, a professor recommended that I work as a desk editor. I said, “What do you mean, professor, I’m a desk editor?” He responded, “Why not, Islam?”

My professor insisted on pushing me forward. My passion for reading was the key to that, and the unorthodox style book was still haunting me. So, how do I attract readers when you are similar to other writers, What is new about that?

I continued to adhere to the school of breaking the ordinary while maintaining professionalism. I also ignored the suggestion to “go with the flow.” I wouldn’t give up on this, until I saw a social media promo for “Al-Mawq3” website.

Everyone is referring to it as a new dream that has come out in the e-journalism industry, a type of treatment distinguished by professionalism, excitement, and delight in narrative.

The moment I stepped the place (Al-Mawq3), I felt myself again. A well-organized management, high professionalism, skilled journalists, and paths for implementing your ideas in an unconventional way. Indeed, I found myself at “Al-Mawq3.”

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