Ahmed Sami writes to “Al-Mawq3”, Israel between the lie of the Holocaust and the genocide in Gaza

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

After the end of World War II and the increase of the strength of Israel and Zionist leaders they were able to force the European media and politics while concealing themselves under the name of Holocaust guilt. Zionists argue that the Holocaust killed around 6 million Jews during World War II despite the lack of credible evidence that the number of Jews in Europe at the time was anywhere near that figure,through its proxies and allies in European countries the Zionist enterprise been able to persuade the people and governments of those countries that all of Europe owes important debt to the Jews and that they must do whatever it takes to pay for this guilt.

Although despite all what has been said by many European and American researchers and authors who have exposed the truth of this lie, like Willis Carto, the American researcher and historian Fred A. Leuchter, the American Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein, the British historian David John Erving, the French researcher Paul Rasinie, the professor of physics Robert Forison, as well as the British historians Richard Hard and David Erving, who were able to present with a proof of official documents that”the number of Jews in Germany did not exceed 3 million, some of whom immigrated to Palestine, and the majority to America.” And these words were enough to sue them legally after a series of death threats.

Over the years, these and other writers, journalists, historians, and intellectuals in Europe and America have attempted to show the untruth of the Holocaust, which the Zionists promoted over many years, and the fate of most of them was either imprisonment or death, except for the war waged by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinians.

Since the 7th of October last year till now have dropped their mask and It demonstrated to the entire world that the Zionists are Nazis and that what they are doing to innocents, with particular palestinian women and children, is indeed Holocaust, and what they are doing to Palestinians has crossed all limits, as evidenced by the demonstrations that took place over the last period in many European countries, that showed the outrage of many people.

From the European people concerning what Israel is doing against the Palestinians, the positions of the governments were reversed until the lawsuit that South Africa filed before the ICJ accusing Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians were supported by all of the evidence that demonstrated these crimes, allowing what remained of this mask to crumble and become evident to the entire world that the Zionists are the new Nazis and that the Palestinians are the real victims.Will the Palestinians find someone to give them their justice, or will their rights be lost.

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